JoLane Lentz is an Actress, Stand Up Comedian and Producer.  She grew up in Wisconsin where her Danish Grandparents introduced her to the greats of comedy by watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Carol Burnett Show and the Comedy Roasts with Dean Martin, Joan Rivers and Bob Hope. Her love for comedy was born and from an early age she knew she wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry making people laugh. 


As an Actress in film, she received her breakout role in the indie feature, "BAD APPLES". A number of films followed including Robert Townsend's, "B.A.P.S." with Halle Berry, "OUT IN FIFTY" with Mickey Rourke and Kevin Connolly's (Entourage) Directorial debut film, "WHATEVER WE DO", written by Nick Cassavetes and starring Robert Downey Jr and Tim Roth.  As well as a long list of arthouse and independent films.

In Television she's had the pleasure of working on the hit TV series, "PARTY OF FIVE", a recurring role on the daytime drama, "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" as well as a Guest Star role in the  series, "HERE AND NOW", with Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), and a Series Regular role in the violently romantic comedy, "HOPELESS VIRGINS IN LOVE".


JoLane has also been in a long list of commercials including the national 7UP campaign with Orlando Jones, Icelandic Bank with John Cleese, an ESPN Celebrity All Sport Stars with the late Davey Jones (of the Monkee's) as well as national spots for NFL, Nascar, Jeopardy, Suzuki and Comedy Central,.. just to name a few.  


With a background in Journalism and Broadcasting, she was offered to Host & Produce a live, daily, funny news segment for PLAYBOY RADIO'S, "THE MORNING SHOW" on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.  Producing over 200 live shows including broadcasts at the Playboy Mansion and the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  Interviewing countless celebrities, comedians and TV personalities.  She quickly gained notoriety with their growing audience, taking it from 70,000 subscribers to 7 million in under 2 years.  JoLane was asked by Hugh Hefner to pose in the magazine for a pictorial of "The Girls Of Playboy Radio",  in which she was flattered, but graciously declined.


Her Producing skills led her to Co-Host an Interactive Eco Talk Show series called, "GREEN HEALTH LIVE", with Actor/Environmentalist Thomas Calabro, (Melrose Place). She then went on to Produce and Host a number of web-based content series including;  A lifestyle show for dog owners called, "THE DOG SHOW", aka "COOKING DOGGY STYLE" with Actor/Model Michael Bergin (Baywatch & Calvin Klein campaign). As well as a Vegetarian Cooking Show, "HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE", an Adventure Series, "OUTDOOR AMERICA", a Health & Wellness Series, "FOR THE HEALTH OF IT" and a Pub and Food Travel Show, "PUB & GRUB". 


She then found herself back at SiriusXM as the Co-Host/On-Air Producer of a weekly national News/Entertainment Talk Radio Show called, "SHARP RADIO PRESENTS - THE BEN PRATT SHOW" Intelligent Talk Radio, Keeping People Sharp, on Extreme Talk.


In 2014 She Co-Founded the Production Company, "NOT QUITE ENTERTAINMENT". A broad spectrum Entertainment Company with projects consisting of;  Educational Documentaries, Comedy Series,  A Sci-Fi Thriller, Dramatic Series,  An American Reality Series, and a Horror Feature.   She is excited and proud of the diverse projects they have in the works and is looking forward to sharing them with audiences around the world.


Never veering from her acting roots, she gave a riveting performance in the leading role of Katherine Wise, an inner-city high school teacher educating misfit students on the beautiful language of Shakespeare, in the dramatic feature, "A GANGSTER'S WORD" airing on Cine Latino & DirecTV.  Earning her a stellar review on Movie Mavericks.


She also had a hilarious role with Actor Ross McCall (Band Of Brothers & White Collar) in the romantic comedy feature, "ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT", also starring, Justin Baldoni (Jane The Virgin), Danielle Nicolet (The Flash, The Starter Wife)  available on Netflix.


On Funny Or Die, she plays the Series Regular role of Angela, in the violently romantic comedy, "HOPELESS VIRGINS IN LOVE". 


JoLane Created, Wrote, Directed, Produced and Starred in the Lead Role of Jane, in the Multi-Award Winning Short Comedic Film, "HERE'S JANE", available to view on FUNNY OR DIE and is being developed into a TV Series.


Continuing to create and write new content to showcase her range of dramatic to comedic acting roles, she is looking forward to Directing and Acting in the project, "NO SENSE AT ALL", which will start shooting in the Summer of 2021. As well as, a comedic short called, "TAGALONGS".


Coming soon... you will be able to see her performance in the upcoming new Netflix Crime Drama series, "WIPED" aka "Nova Vita".   Directed by Santiago Salviche (Jennifer Lopez's famed music video Director)  starring Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Titus Welliver (Law & Order), Stephen Baldwin  & Robert Knepper (Prison Break).

Throughout the years, JoLane has kept honing her craft and has had the divine pleasure of studying with great Acting Coaches such as; Bob Mc Andrew, Margie Haber, Eric Morris and at The Scott Sedita Acting Studio.  As well as  private coaching from the legendary Award Winning Actress/Director, Catlin Adams (The Jazz Singer, The Jerk). 

As a natural progression of being a comedy actress for the majority of her career, it was only fitting that she would give Stand Up Comedy a go.  She studied standup at the famed, "Pretty Funny Women" studios in West Hollywood under the hilarious direction of the talented comedian/owner, Lisa Sundstedt (Producer for Chelsea Handler).

She's performed throughout the Los Angeles area with sold out shows at; The World Famous Comedy Store, Flappers in Burbank and at the Pretty Funny Women Studio as well as a recent SOLD OUT show in February of 2021 opening up for the infamous comedian BILL BURR at the Venice Comedy Compound, created by comedian Ahmed Ahmed (Sullivan & Son).

Her comedy has been coming alive with a Saturday Night Live type of hilarious Sketch Comedy videos that are view ableon her YouTube channel.

She looks forward to taking her stand up comedy on the road is is currently booking a tour of dates throughout the U.S in late 2021.

In her personal life, JoLane is an Environmentalist, Vegetarian and Animal Activist supporting;  The Humane Society, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Tippy Hedren's, Shambala Preserve,  As well as, several rescue organizations including; No Kill Los Angeles, Best Friends Animal Society and Dogs Without Borders.  She is committed to living an eco-friendly lifestyle and enjoys teaching people how to live happier, healthier, longer and greener lives.  She is most proud of her humanitarian efforts and working with Cross Cultural Solutions, helping women around the globe develop small business skills. 

She's also the co-owner of several restaurants in Los Angeles where she resides with her husband and animals.





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Scott Sedita Acting Studios - Audition Technique, Comedy, Nuts & Bolts, Intensives, Private Coaching

Private Coaching - Catlan Adams, Crystal Carson

Audition Technique - Margie Haber Studios

Scene Study - Eric Morris, Bob McAndrew

Voice - Rowena Balos

Accents / Dialects - Ivan Barodin

Stand Up Comedy - The Pretty Funny Women Studio


Accents / Dialects; Midwestern, Southern, New York, Russian, British, Scandanavian

Comedy, Improv, Standup, Sketch, Hosting, Teleprompter, Producing, Writing, Radio, Broadcasting, Live Broadcast, Athletic, Yoga, Fight Choreography, Firearms, Animal Handling, Licensed Motorcycle Rider

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2010 - present